What is overhead cranes?

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An overhead crane is a crane that is used in industrial settings. An overhead crane is made up of two parallel rails that are situated on longitudinal I-beams and bracketed to opposing steel columns. The gap is bridged by the moving bridge. A crane's hoist, or lifting component, travels along the bridge.

what is single girder overhead crane

Heavy-duty material handling often necessitates the use of overhead bridge cranes. Our experts will assist you in determining whether you want a single girder, double girder, top running, or under running option.

To achieve the requisite hook height, a twin girder bridge may be required, depending on your workplace. When choosing between single girder and double girder overhead bridge cranes, the three most important parameters to consider are bridge span, crane capacity, and hook height.

what is overhead crane

An overhead crane, in its most basic form, is a mechanism or piece of equipment that allows you to precisely lift and transfer large goods from one point to another. Each overhead crane is meticulously developed and engineered for a unique purpose or application to meet a company' material handling demands, therefore there is no "one size fits all" approach to defining an overhead crane.

what is double girder overhead crane

Different components may be switched out or redesigned to increase the capacity and performance of overhead cranes, which can be designed and manufactured in a variety of configurations. The following are some of the most common reasons for utilizing an overhead crane:

  • Taking items from a truck and loading or unloading them
  • More effectively move goods across a facility than a tow motor or humans can.
  • In a manufacturing plant, flipping or dragging dies in and out of stamping machines.
  • A manufacturing facility's raw material is fed into a machine.
  • Controlling the movement of bits or parts down an assembly line.
  • Containers being moved around a shipyard or railyard
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