Case: Weihua's steel mill ladle crane

2022-11-22 75 Andy

Weihua Co., Ltd. provides 5 sets of 320t casting ladle cranes for the Indonesian steel plant project

Delivered satisfactorily

Precise hoisting and full load operation

With its super performance, Weihua crane products press the "acceleration button" for the customer's steel mill workshop operations, and become another beautiful scenery in the list of large-tonnage steel mill crane projects

The steel plant project includes three 320/80/15t-25m Casting Ladle Cranes and two 320/80/15t-31m Casting Ladle Cranes, which have been successfully put into metallurgical production in the customer's steel plant workshop.

case steel mill ladle cranes

The 5 casting ladle cranes all adopt the layout of four beams and four rails, and the main reducer has a one-line structure, which makes the crane run more stable. Safety.

In addition, the electrical design has the following characteristics:

  • ★ Weihua's steel mill cranes have redundant control functions, which can quickly switch if a single mechanism fails, and ensure safe operation for 365 days;
  • ★ Weihua's steel mill cranes have a variety of safety warning functions, such as smoke detection warning, safe area operation warning, remote wireless intercom and other functions;
  • ★ Weihua's steel mill cranes have their own life detection system, which has life monitoring and fault record diagnosis and analysis of reducer vibration, motor temperature and various electrical equipment.

Weihua large steel mill crane

320 steel mill ladle cranes

Closely around the goal of high efficiency, intelligence and reliability of steel mill cranes

While pursuing performance improvement

Adhere to the customer's point of view

Win double praise from customers with quality and service

Mutually beneficial cooperation and common development with customers

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