QY type insulation overhead crane

QY type insulation overhead crane 5.0Excellent

Insulation double girder overhead cranes are suitable for smelting workshops such as non-ferrous metal electrolytic aluminum, magnesium, lead and zinc. several insulation devices are set on the appropriate parts of the crane to ensure the safe working.

  • Lifting Capacity: 5-50t*
  • Span: 10.5-31.5m*
  • Lifting height: 10-18m*
  • Work level: A5, A6*
  • Products type: metallurgy overhead crane*


How do think of this machine?

Insulation overhead crane is widely used in smelting workshops of electrolytic nonferrous metal, aluminum and magnesium. This insulation overhead crane is constituted by box-type main girder, crane traveling mechanism, trolley and electrical parts.

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To prevent the current passing through the lifting mechanism to the crane and threatening the operator’s life, parts of the insulation overhead crane are protected by insulation treatment. Insulation overhead crane work level is heavy duty, so the main lifting is equipped with dual braking in order to ensure safe production.

Features of Insulation Overhead Crane:

  • Three parts are insulated to ensure the security on the hook, pulley, lifting mechanism, trolley frame and the crane;
  • The impedance of each insulation is not less than 1 mΩ at 20℃~25℃ room temperature and humidity ≦85%.

There are several potential risks to consider when using Ordinary Overhead Crane. One of the biggest risks is the possibility of arcing. If the beam comes into contact with a metal object, it can create sparks that can easily ignite a fire. So at this point you should choose weihua insulation overhead cranes.The dangers brought by ordinary overhead cranes can be avoided.

weihua overhead insolation crane

An insulation overhead cranes is a great choice for anyindustrial or manufacturing setting. If you're considering purchasing one, be sure to research your options and consult with a weihua crane expert to make sure you're getting the right model for your needs.

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Technical Specifications

Lifting heightm16m
Lifting speedm/min12.5
Trolley travelling speedm/min37.2
Crane travelling speedm/min115.6116.8
Total weightkg1400015000170002000022000270003100034000
Max. Wheel loadKN7278849297109117124
Rail recommendedModel43kg/m
Total motor powerkw27.831.8
Main dimension (mm)Span(m)10.513.516.519.522.525.528.531.5
Rail top to crane topH1793
Rail top to hook centerH4747
Crane base distanceW340053045000
Crane widthB505852086028
Trolley rail distanceK1400
Hook left limitationS1800
Hook right limitationS21250
Lifting heightm16m
Lifting speedm/min13.3
Trolley travelling speedm/min43.8
Crane travelling speedm/min115.6116.8112.5
Total weightkg1500017000200002200025000300003300036000
Max. Wheel loadKN102109118123130142151159
Rail recommendedModel43kg/m
Total motor powerkw35.539.5
Main dimension (mm)Span(m)10.513.516.519.522.525.528.531.5
Rail top to crane topH19061956
Rail top to hook centerH4 1282
1232Crane base distanceW40505000
Crane widthB570858486388
Trolley rail distanceK2000
Hook left limitationS11050
Hook right limitationS21300
Lifting heightm/a16m/18m
Lifting speedm/min15.5
Trolley travelling speedm/min13/14.5
Crane travelling speedm/min87.6101.4
Total weightkg2100023000250002900032000360004000044000
Max. Wheel loadKN145152160172180191201211
Rail recommendedModel43kg/m or QU70
Total motor powerkw64.571.5
Main dimension (mm)Span(m)10.513.516.519.522.525.528.531.5
Rail top to crane topH2125212722272215
Rail top to hook centerH41527152514351437
Crane base distanceW44005000
Crane widthB627861886798
Trolley rail distanceK2000
Hook left limitationS1/S21040/1850
Hook right limitationS3/S41500/2310
Lifting heightm/a12/14
Lifting speedm/min9.7/12.7
Trolley travelling speedm/min44.6
Crane travelling speedm/min87.6101.4
Total weightkg2200024000270003100034000390004300046000
Max. Wheel loadKN167174183197205218229238
Rail recommendedModel43kg/m or QU70
Total motor powerkw6976
Main dimension (mm)Span(m)10.513.516.519.522.525.528.531.5
Rail top to crane topH212721292229
Rail top to hook centerH4209720992189
Crane base distanceW44005000
Crane widthB627861886798
Trolley rail distanceK2000
Hook left limitationS1/S21030/1930
Hook right limitationS3/S41420/2320
Lifting heightm/a16/18
Lifting speedm/min9.5/12.7
Trolley travelling speedm/min42.4
Crane travelling speedm/min101.4101.886.8
Max. Wheel loadKN240254267284296311321333
Rail recommendedModelQU70 or square steel 90
Total motor powerkw96.3
Main dimension (mm)Span(m)10.513.516.519.522.525.528.531.5
Rail top to crane topH237723812511
Rail top to hook centerH4161416111481
Crane base distanceW465047005000
Crane widthB658866086828
Trolley rail distanceK2500
Hook left limitationS1/S21070/2050
Hook right limitationS3/S41700/2680
Lifting heightm/a12/16
Lifting speedm/min7.8/13.2
Trolley travelling speedm/min38.5
Crane travelling speedm/min86.887.3
Max. Wheel loadKN335357377395410427440455
Rail recommendedModelQU80 or square steel 100
Total motor powerkw131.5139.5
Main dimension (mm)Span(m)10.513.516.519.522.525.528.531.5
Rail top to crane topH277627782784
Rail top to hook centerH4192019181912
Crane base distanceW48005000
Crane widthB658868587058
Trolley rail distanceK2500
Hook left limitationS1/S21005/2200
Hook right limitationS3/S42000/3195

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