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Scrap charging cranes belong to same product family as ladle cranes, and they share many features. In many cases, charging cranes are also used to transport molten metal.

  • Lifting Capacity: 40-220t*
  • Span: 10.5-31.5m*
  • Lifting height: 6m~30m*
  • Work level: A7-A8 *
  • Products type: metallurgy overhead crane*


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charging crane for steel mills

The teeming crane is an essential piece of equipment for any steel mill. It is used to load raw materials into the furnace and to remove finished products from the furnace. The teeming crane is operated by a teeming operator who is responsible for its proper operation.

The charging crane ( teeming cranes ) is a key product for our steel mills. After more than 30 years of development, our customers have spread all over the world and become a reliable charging crane manufacturer. Our cranes include charging crane, Feeding crane, crane charge. The tonnage of charging crane includes 50ton--800ton charging crane and 50ton--800ton Feeding crane. I believe we will become the most reliable Feeding crane manufacturer and charging crane factory in the world.

Advanced crane control features executed with modern automation technology help guide the operator in precise placement and safe transport of the load along its path. Temperatures often exceed +70°C due to the heat emitting from the furnace. Charging cranes are shielded from the flames and are designed to operate in high ambient heat as well as the brief, intense heat of the charge itself.

The charging crane is used for lifting and transport scrap, liquid steel and other auxiliary materials to the converters and electric furnace in smelting workshop. The charging cranes capacities mainly including 20+20ton to 110+110ton, 180/50ton, 240/80ton, 260/80ton and 300/80ton. Crane span up to 30m, hoisting height up to 30m, work duty A7 and A8.

design and manufacture process cranes

In the steel industry, a charging crane is essential. A charging crane feeds an electric arc furnace (EOF) in the charging bay and should be capable of delivering hot metal to the turret station of a continuous casting machine (CCM) or the ladle furnace(LF) in order to produce steel . This is a high-volume, continuous operation. If necessary, the same crane can serve as a backup for the ladle crane. Charging cranes are sometimes known as teeming cranes.

If you're in the steel industry, then you know that a teeming crane is an essential piece of equipment. But what exactly is a teeming crane, and why is it so important?

A teeming crane is a special purpose crane used in steel mills for teeming (pouring) molten steel from a ladle into a tundish and then into molds. They are designed to handle the heavy weight and great height of the ladle and the tundish, and the temperatures of the molten steel. Teeming cranes generally have two hoists, one for the ladle and one for the tundish, and are capable of pouring steel continuously.Teeming cranes are used in steel mills around the world.

A teeming crane is a crane that is used to transport hot metal from the furnace to the casting area. The teeming crane has a special bucket that is lined with refractory material, which helps to protect the hot metal from cooling too quickly. The teeming crane is an essential piece of equipment in any steel mill, as it helps to keep the production process moving smoothly.

Without a teeming crane, the steel mill would have to stop production every time the furnace needed to be refilled. This would not only cause disruptions in the production process, but it would also be a safety hazard. The teeming crane helps to keep the production process moving smoothly and safely, and that's why it's such an essential piece of equipment.

Technical Specifications

Lifting CapacityT20+20ton To 110+110ton, 180/50ton, 240/80ton, 260/80ton And 300/80ton
Lifting HeightM30
Work ClassificationsA7 / A8

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