50 ton gantry crane

50 ton gantry crane 4.8Excellent

The 50 ton gantry crane is a heavy-duty gantry crane ideal for a variety of outdoor applications and can lift up to 50 tons. It is usually a double beam structure

  • Lifting Capacity: 50t*
  • Span: 18-35m*
  • Lifting height: 6~18m*
  • Work level: A5, A6, A7*
  • Products type: Heavy duty gantry crane*


How do think of this machine?

This product is vastly used in the Stone production factory, Underground rail construction site,Construction of the well or tunnel or shaft in the subway building.for the installation of related equipment, lifting metro slag and other waste material, etc. Normally, it is of very large lifting height, stable movement.

Double Girder 50 Ton Gantry Crane

50 ton gantry crane is a kind of heavy duty lifting machine,50 ton gantry crane must use double Girder.

50 ton gantry crane video

50 ton gantry crane cost price

In order to get a feedback about the cost prices of 50 ton gantry crane you are in need timely, please let us know, what types of 50 ton gantry crane you need, span,Work level, lifting height, what material you want to lift, etc. The more specific, the better.

50 ton truss gantry crane structure

50 tons gantry crane maximum external dimensions: 46.7×11.2×20m (length×width×height), total weight 65 tons, consists of main beam, winch, electric hoist, outrigger, crane system, operation room, and Electrical control system, etc.

50 ton truss gantry crane structure

The main beam of the gantry cranes adopts the form of truss welding structure, with two rows and a distance of 2.4m between them. The main beam and the outrigger are connected by high strength bolts, and there is a walking platform on one side of the main beam. Legs One rigid and one flexible structure is adopted, with a height of 16m.

50 ton gantry crane power requirements

To calculate the max amps for an 50 ton gantry crane take 100% nameplate FLA from the largest motor on the crane plus 50% nameplate FLA of the next largest motor, and add 25% to that total for max working amps.

If there are multiple motors that run together, the nameplate FLA for those motors are added together and treated as one motor.

Example using 480 VAC:

A single hoist motor at 25 FLA

A single trolley motor at 3.5 FLA

Two motors at 4.0 FLA each = 8.0 FLA

25 + (8 / 2) = 29 x 1.25 = 36.25A

Calculate your load requirements to be able to supply not less than 94% of the nominal system voltage to the runway conductors at the farthest from the supply taps.

Technical Specifications

Lifting heightm10/10.94
Lifting speedm/min5.9/8.5
Trolley travelling speedm/min38.5
Crane travelling speedm/min40.144
Max. Wheel loadKN360380400430450
Rail recommendedModelQU80
Total motor powerkw132.5148.5
Main dimension (mm)Span(m)1822263035
Rail top to hook centerH110000
Crane base distanceW84008500
Crane widthB1236212670
Trolley rail distanceK7000
Hook left limitationC150007500
Hook right limitationC250007500
Left cantilever jibL1800010500
Right cantilever jibL2800010500

Lubrication System For Gantry Crane 50 Ton

S.No.Machine Parts Petrelplus LubricantsQuantityDuration
1Hoist Thruster Brake SYF 1200 Synthetic Gear Oil VG 680 (Synthetic)5 LtrOnly If Leakage
2Main Gear Box Stanplus SSEP 320 Gear Oil ( Semi Synthetic) 40 Ltr1 Year
3Cross Travel Gear BoxStanplus SSEP 320 Gear Oil ( Semi Synthetic)5 Ltr1 Year
4Long Travel Gear BoxStanplus SSEP 320 Gear Oil ( Semi Synthetic)5 Ltr / Each1 Year

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