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Single girder EOT crane is most suitable for 1 to 30 ton lifting capacity. Single girder EOT crane is useful for short time operation and low duty load. Single girder cranes are available in both top running and under running.

  • Lifting Capacity: 1-30t*
  • Span: 5~31.5m*
  • Lifting height: 6~28m*
  • Work level: A3~A5*
  • Products type: EOT crane*


How do think of this machine?

single girder eot crane are one of the most common types of lifting equipment. Their specificity is that a cargo hoists with a lifting mechanism moves along a bridge - a transverse span beam resting on the crane tracks with its ends.

Single girder EOT crane for material handling with a capacity of up to 30 tons, helps in the material handling industry.

The single-girder EOT crane is capable of lifting materials to a height of up to 30 m and moving it over a work area that is 31.5m wide and hundreds of meters long.

Application of Single Girder EOT Crane

Due to their versatility and wide range of functions, single girder EOT cranes are almost everywhere.

In warehouses, workshops and even large car repair shops, it is difficult to find a place where a single girder EOT crane is not installed. Whenever heavy loads need to be moved at small heights and in limited areas on the job site, single girder EOT cranes are the best choice.

Types of Single Girder EOT Crane

Top Running Single Girder EOT Crane

top running single girder eot crane

The bridge of a top running Single girder EOT Cranes is designed to travel on rails that are mounted onto the runway beams. The beams can be supported by either precisely engineered free-standing columns or by the existing columns of the building.

Under Running Single Girder EOT Crane

under running single girder eot crane

The bridge of an under hung or under running Single girder EOT Crane is engineered to travel on the bottom flange of a runway beam. The roof structure of a building typically supports the runway beam in this type of configuration.

Single Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer

weihua crane is an excellent manufacturer of single girder eot crane

Our single girder EOT cranes are very popular in India. Single girder EOT cranes are a type of EOT crane that is safe, economical and efficient.

we manufacture and supply single girder EOT cranes according to the latest Indian standards. We drive innovation to make single girder eot crane safer, smarter and more sustainable. Design solutions from the perspective of customers and reduce costs for customers.

Single girder eot crane installation video

Features of Single Girder EOT Crane

  • Lifting Capacity up to 30t.
  • Spans up to 31.5m.
  • low deadweight and reduces cost.
  • Optimised headroom via main girder connection variants.
  • Highest possible hook position can be achieved.
  • Designed and Manufactured to Indian Standards
  • general industrial, fireproof, explosion proof
  • Its maintenance charges are also not so much comparing to Double Girder EOT Crane.

single girder eot crane design drawing

single girder eot crane design drawing

How to choose a single girder eot crane?

The main determinants of choosing a single girder eot crane include:

  • the type, weight and dimensions of the shipment,
  • Size and configuration of workshop (warehouse), availability and type of crane rail support structure,
  • Control method (wired remote control, cockpit, radio control),
  • Are there special requirements (temperature and humidity conditions, dustproofing, fire protection, etc.).

Necessary technical characteristics that determine the choice of a single girder eot crane:

  • Working span length.
  • Maximum lift height.
  • Maximum lift capacity.
  • Single girder eot crane design.
  • The number and type of electric hoists.

single girder eot crane in india

We have provided many Indian customers with various types of single-girder eot cranes.We have designed and built 5-ton, 10-ton, and 15-ton single-girder eot cranes for Indian customers.eot cranes include crane, 20 ton single girder eot crane, etc.Our products and services are very satisfying to many customers.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity (t)Span (m)Lifting Height (m)Lifting Speed (m/min) Hoist Traveling Speed(m/min)Crane Traveling Speed (m/min)Recommanded Track
Work DutyA3,A4,A5
Power380V, 50Hz or Other
Temperature of Working Environment﹣20℃~﹢40℃

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