Manufacturing metallurgical cranes using TK6926 CNC lathe

2022-11-02 154 Andy

Machine tools are the machines that make cranes, so they are called "industrial mother machines" and play an important role in the manufacturing industry. Compared with traditional machine tools, CNC machine tools have multiple advantages of high precision, high speed, intelligence and environmental protection, and carry the special mission of industrial modernization.

weihua crane using tk6926 cnc lathe

In recent years, Weihua Crane has introduced a number of technologically advanced CNC machine tools to assist workshop production operations. Among them, TK6926, as Weihua's largest floor boring machine, is particularly eye-catching. The equipment will enter the workshop in 2022. It has the characteristics of high intelligence, excellent adaptability, wide processing range and high precision. It is in a leading position in various performances of similar equipment.

weihua manufacturing metallurgical crane

The diameter of the TK6926 machine tool spindle is 260mm, the maximum torque is 22000nm, the rotary table is 4000mmX4000mm, the processing range is 16000 (X-axis) X7000 (Y-axis) X3400 (Z-axis) mm, and its machining accuracy is 0.001-0.015mm within 1 meter, and 0.01- within 15 meters. 0.02mm, which can realize the processing of large crane parts, such as: large crane structural parts, crane reducer upper cover, large pulley beam, small frame, large diameter drum, connecting beam, beam, guide column beam, etc.

metallurgical crane installation

The 500t metallurgical crane is a brand-new technical attempt of the whole Weihua, responsible for the machining of the core component of the product - the small frame, which is not only a brand-new technical test for him, but also a comprehensive presentation of the excellent processing strength of TK6926.

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