gearbox for steel mill cranes

gearbox for steel mill cranes 5.0Excellent

  • Lifting Capacity: 180t-600t*
  • Span: 5~31.5m*
  • Lifting height: 6m~30m*
  • Work level: A6, A7, A8*
  • Products type: Metallurgical Crane parts*


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Lifting weight 180t-600t

  • The overall gearbox is in a "line-shaped" layout, which is suitable for double-point or multi-point crane structures;
  • Split design, precise synchronous output of output shafts at both ends to ensure synchronous rise and fall;
  • Independent forced lubrication cooling system, suitable for all kinds of harsh working conditions;
  • High-quality alloy steel carburizing and quenching and high-precision grinding, high precision and superior performance;
  • Equipped with ratchet pawl mechanism, anti-reverse and high safety;
  • The box body is annealed as a whole after welding, non-destructive testing.

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