teeming crane with ladle

2022-11-02 184 Andy
  • Weihua Crane has been deeply involved in the steel mill industry for many years
  • teeming crane with ladle achieves record high performance
  • From innovative design of teeming crane with ladle to assembly welding
  • Weihua Crane has accumulated rich experience in design and production of teeming crane with ladle
  • teeming crane with ladle technology is mature and stable
  • Trusted and praised by customers

teeming cranes with ladle

Innovative teeming crane with ladle design

The teeming crane with ladle adopts a redundant design to ensure that the high-temperature liquid metal can be hoisted normally under any circumstances, improving the reliability of the safety system and high performance;

The teeming crane with ladle is highly optimized, and the parts in the same part are equivalently interchangeable, reducing the daily maintenance cost;

The gantry hook spreader adopts a patented design with adjustable spacing and variable tonnage. Meet the multi-purpose needs of customers' workshop processes.

Special processing technology

he overall annealing and processing of the main lifting frame and the overall processing of the bridge frame ensure the installation accuracy and stable operation of each part;

Complete operating system

The transformer adopts dual transformation mode to ensure the stability of the system; multi-layer safety management warning devices are set up to ensure the safety of equipment operation.

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