10 ton gantry crane

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10 ton gantry crane can be used to lift loads of up to 10 tons in a single operation. It is ideal for lifting heavy materials such as concrete, steel and wood.

  • Lifting Capacity: 10t*
  • Span: 12-30m*
  • Lifting height: 6m-9m*
  • Work level: A3,A4,A5*
  • Products type: Single Girder Gantry Crane*


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What is a 10 ton gantry crane?

It is a heavy lifting device that can lift loads up to 10 tons.

10 ton Gantry cranes are used in construction, mining, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries. They are also used to lift loads higher than 150 feet. The most common applications of 10 ton gantry cranes are in the construction industry where they are used for long term building projects and in the mining industry where they help in lifting large quantities of rocks and other materials from one location to another for different purposes.

10 ton gantry crane drawing

10 ton gantry crane drawing

10 ton gantry crane price

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10 ton gantry crane manufacturers

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Technical Specifications

Lifting heightm6/99
Lifting speedm/min7 0.7/7
Trolley travelling speedm/min20
Crane travelling speedm/min20
Max. Wheel loadKN97/102105/110113/118121/126149
Rail recommendedModelP38P43
Main dimension (mm)Span(m)1216202430
Total weightt14.8/16.116.7/18.719.6/21.624.4/26.630.1
Crane base distanceB15500/65006500/7500
Crane widthB26000/71007100/8100

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