Gantry Crane For Shipbuilding

Gantry Crane For Shipbuilding 5.0Excellent

The shipbuilding gantry crane can be single girder gantry crane and double girder gantry crane. When it comes to large span and lifting weight, we suggest the single girder gantry crane which is more economy.

  • Lifting Capacity: 2*400+400*
  • Span: 50~185m*
  • Lifting height: 10~76m*
  • Work level: A5*
  • Products type: Gantry Crane *


How do think of this machine?

The single girder gantry crane for ship building is mainly composed of steel gantry frame, upper trolley, lower trolley, trolley travelling mechanism, maintenance, lubrication, elevator and electric equipment. And there are rail clamp device (or wheel actuator), anchor device, lifting weight limiter system, wind speed and direction system, limit switch of each mechanism, and the other safety protection device for this crane. The deviation rectifying system can be equipped in case of very large span.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specification
Lifting capacityt2×50+1002×75+1002×100+1602×150+2002×400+400
Two trolleys lifting1502003005001000
Section reverse lifting  100150200300800
Work classificationsA5
Lifting height (m)H135502865/1076/13
Lifting speed (m/min)Full load0.5~5  0.5~5   0.4~4   0.5~50.32~3.2
No load1~101~100.8~81~100.64~6.4
Crane travelling (m/min)Full load2.5~252~203~301~253~30
No load3.5~353~304.5~451~303~40
Trolley travelling (m/min)Full load2.5~252.5~253~301~253~30
No load2.5~352.5~353~451~303~40
Wheel loadKN260320330700750
Total powerKW40053065015501500
Power3-phase AC 50Hz 10KV

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