Aluminum metallurgy overhead crane

2022-06-08 260 Andy

The aluminum smelter overhead crane is mainly used in the thin aluminum sheet rolling production line, responsible for the transfer of high-temperature aluminum billet, metallurgical general-purpose overhead crane, can complete the molding of high-temperature aluminum billet from the furnace, aluminum smelter overhead crane, rapid transfer to the production line discharge port, and then through the crane's rotation function, automatically adjust the positioning of aluminum billet in the production line in a fixed position and a series of actions.

The Aluminum metallurgy overhead crane mainly has the following characteristics

  1. Rigid guide pillar adopts frame structure, and the 4 guiding wheel sets on the electric rotary clamp can run along the frame with high working precision and good stability.
  2. Adopt wire rope fixing device, which can automatically rotate to adjust the angle of wire rope.
  3. Application of over-frequency technology to realize a series of processes of blanks in the production line to meet the production needs of various metallurgical industries.

aluminum smelter overhead crane

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