steel mill ladle crane

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steel mill ladle crane

What is steel mill ladle crane?

The steel mill ladle crane is the main equipment in the steelmaking process.

Weihua steel mill ladle crane handles molten steel with a temperature of up to 1400° C

steel mill ladle cranes will lift molten iron to mix with scrap to make molten steel. Scrap from the scrap yard is fed into the blast furnace by means of an overhead charging crane.

The casting crane will help mix the molten metal in the proper proportions, and when properly mixed, the molten steel is ready to be cast into shape. Tundish cranes are generally used for tundish maintenance and loading and unloading.

Types of steel mill cranes

Feeding cranes, steel mill ladle cranes, casting cranes and tundish cranes are all very similar, depending on their location and application in the plant. These cranes are usually overhead cranes equipped with special spreaders.

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