Manufacturing Crane: What you need to know before buying

2023-03-16 29 Andy

As a manufacturer, choosing the right type of crane to suit your needs is crucial to ensure smooth operations and workflow efficiency. Here, we explore the key considerations that you need to bear in mind when purchasing industrial cranes.

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Types of Industrial Cranes

There are different types of industrial cranes available in the market. Some of the most common types of manufacturing cranes include:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Gantry cranes
  • Jib cranes
  • Bridge cranes
  • Stacker cranes

Each type of crane has its own strengths and benefits. Overhead cranes, for example, are useful for lifting and moving heavy loads while gantry cranes are ideal for outdoor usage. It's important to understand the cranes' specific functions and decide what you need before making a purchase.

Consider the Lifting Capacity

The lifting capacity is a fundamental factor when choosing an industrial crane. You must select a crane that has the capacity to lift your production materials or finished products since different cranes have different lifting capacities. It's critical to select the proper crane that has the right lifting capacity required for your production needs.

Manufacturing crane

Safety Features

Safety is always the top priority when working with industrial cranes. Choosing a crane with safety features can help reduce injuries, accidents, and even fatalities. You must select a crane with safety features and safety mechanisms such as overload alarms, automatic shut-offs, and emergency stop buttons.

Cost and Maintenance

The cost and maintenance of the crane is another important consideration when selecting an industrial crane. You want to choose a crane that is high quality and durable but is still within your budget. Proper maintenance and regular inspections are also necessary to extend crane life and ensure optimal performance.

A Bushman Equipment Floor Mounted Jib Crane for an Aluminum Foundry scaled 1


Buying an industrial crane can be a complex process. You must consider several factors such as the type of the crane, its lifting capacity, safety features, cost, and maintenance requirements. By taking the time to do your research, you can find the right crane that meets your specific requirements and helps you achieve your production goals.

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