Jib Cranes: A Comprehensive Guide for UK Buyers

2023-03-20 79 Andy

Jib cranes are indispensable in industries that require the lifting and transfer of heavy loads within a confined working area. These cranes come in different types, designs, and sizes, and can be used for various applications, including manufacturing, construction, and warehousing.

If you are a UK-based business owner looking to purchase a jib crane, there are several key factors to consider. This blog post will highlight the different types of jib cranes, their benefits, and crucial factors that UK buyers should consider when purchasing a jib crane.

250kg wall fixed jib crane

Types of Jib Cranes

1. Pillar-mounted jib cranes

Pillar-mounted jib cranes are designed to be fixed to a concrete floor. These cranes can rotate up to 360 degrees and are ideal for precision lifting applications where goods need to be moved in a smaller radius. They can also be installed with a hoist, which enables the lifting and lowering of the load.

2. Wall-mounted jib cranes

Wall-mounted jib cranes are designed to be attached to a wall or column. They offer the same precision as pillar-mounted jib cranes but with a smaller capacity. They can rotate up to 200 degrees and have a capacity of up to 500kg.

3. Articulated jib cranes

Articulated jib cranes are ideal for working in confined spaces where it is difficult to move or rotate a load. They offer greater flexibility as they have multiple joints that can be adjusted to suit the situation. They are commonly used in assembly lines, workshops, and maintenance areas.

Benefits of Jib Cranes

1. Increased efficiency

Jib cranes can help increase the efficiency of your business operations. They can be used to lift and transfer loads in a shorter time than it would take a person manually. This can help to reduce turnaround times, increase production, and free up your workforce for other tasks.

2. Improved safety

Jib cranes can help to improve safety in your workplace. By automating the lifting process, you reduce the risk of accidents and injuries that may occur when employees perform manual lifting.

3. Enhanced precision

Jib cranes can help to improve precision when lifting and transferring heavy loads. This is especially useful in manufacturing, where precision is essential.

free standing jib crane

Crucial Factors to Consider

1. Capacity

The capacity of the jib crane is an essential factor to consider when purchasing. You need to ensure that the crane can support the weight of the load you are lifting. If the crane is overloaded, it can lead to the collapse of the boom or the crane itself, putting your employees at risk.

2. Working Environment

You need to consider the working environment when selecting the right jib crane. The location, the size of the area, and the height requirements all play a significant role in finding the best crane for your needs.

3. Power Supply

The power supply required for the jib crane should also be taken into consideration. You may need to install additional power outlets or transformers to power the crane efficiently.

4. Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the jib crane is essential for its longevity and safety. You need to ensure that the crane is regularly serviced, and any faults or issues are promptly addressed.


In summary, purchasing a jib crane can be a significant investment for your business. It helps to improve efficiency, safety, and precision in your workplace while reducing your workforce's workload. However, it is imperative to consider the critical factors mentioned above when selecting the right jib crane for your business. With the right jib crane, you can achieve your business objectives while ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees.

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