Goliath Crane: A Comprehensive Guide for Australian Buyers

2023-03-15 30 Andy

As industrialization and globalization continue to rise, the demand for heavy machinery and equipment has become more crucial than ever before. One significant piece of equipment used in various industries is the Goliath Crane. This type of crane is a giant gantry crane that allows for efficient and safe lifting and handling of heavyweight materials. In this blog, we will discuss the essential factors Australian buyers should consider when purchasing Goliath Crane.

2000t goliath gantry crane installation

Goliath Crane: A Fundamental Overview

A Goliath Crane is a large gantry crane that is designed to handle and move large and bulky items weighing up to 2000 tons. It is a versatile and highly flexible piece of equipment that is used in various industries such as shipyards, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing. This crane consists of four legs that are attached to a cross beam, with a trolley hoist moving along the length of the beam. It has a wide span, making it easier to lift and move heavy loads from one point to another.

Points to Consider When Purchasing Goliath Crane
  • Load Capacity
  • Load capacity should be at the forefront of any Australian buyer's mind when purchasing a Goliath Crane. The buyer should consider the maximum weight of the items that the crane is expected to carry. It is imperative to consider future growth and expansion, which means that the buyer should go for a crane with a higher load capacity to cater for any future needs.

  • Safety Features
  • Safety should always be a top priority when purchasing any equipment or machinery. Buyers should ensure that the Goliath Crane they purchase comes with a range of safety features, such as overload protection, emergency stops, and limit switches, to ensure that accidents are prevented in the workplace.

  • Durability and Maintenance
  • A Goliath Crane is a long term investment for any Australian buyer, making durability and maintenance a vital factor that should not be ignored. Buyers should opt for cranes that are made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand long term use. They should also consider the maintenance and repair requirements, as well as the availability of spare parts for the crane.

  • Cost
  • Cost is another essential factor to consider when purchasing a Goliath Crane. Australian buyers should consider the initial cost of the crane, as well as the long-term cost of operation and maintenance. Buyers should always ensure that they get the best value for their money, without compromising on quality and safety.

Goliath Crane

In conclusion, purchasing a Goliath Crane is an important investment for any Australian business, whether big or small. Buyers should take their time to consider the essential factors discussed above, to ensure they make the right choice that will best serve their needs. At the same time, it is crucial to work with a reputed and trustworthy supplier who has experience in the industry to get the best possible outcomes.

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