500t ladle crane Quality assessment and improvement processes

2022-07-05 74 Andy

On 5th July 2022, the main structure of Weihua 500t super-large metallurgical teeming ladle crane was successfully rolled off the assembly line, again breaking the manufacturing record of Weihua metallurgical ladle crane, and further consolidating the leading position of Weihua super-large metallurgical teeming crane manufacturing strength. This ladle crane will serve the steelmaking workshop of Tangshan Ganglu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., with a capacity of 500t/90t/15t, a span of 20.7 meters, and a working duty of A8. It is the first 500t four-beam six-track metallurgical Ladle crane completely independently developed by Weihua.

500 tons metallurgical ladle cranes assessment

The super-large 500t ladle handling crane carries out the whole process process control from pretreatment-cutting-welding-finishing-assembly-test, adopting the overall boring and milling processing of large structural parts, the main trolley frame and the reducer are annealed and assembled as a whole, which once again verified that Weihua mature and reliable production process and quality assurance system for large and ultra-large steel production cranes.

500t ladle bridge crane trolley

During on-site quality review meeting held on the same day, the crane appearance, camber, web verticality, waviness, wheel parity and other parameters were comprehensively tested, and all of them passed the review successfully:

The first pass rate of non-destructive testing of all welds is 100%;

The camber, the height difference of the same section of the track, the wheel line, the trolley gauge, and the track straightness are 100% qualified.

500t ladle crane assessment and improvement processes

As China largest industrial crane manufacturer and the most important steel mill crane manufacturer, the 500t super-large ladle crane will become a new starting point for Weihua Intelligent Manufacturing. In the future, Weihua will continue to carry out new product technology research and development and process technology research, and contribute to global steel production.

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