250 ton ladle cranes

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250 ton ladle cranes

Features of ladle cranes

The 250-ton ladle crane has a lifting capacity of 250 tons, a span of 31.5m, a temperature range of -10°C to +50°C, and a working class of A7. The main parameters of the ladle handling crane are for your reference to get your ladle crane solution. If you have any needs, please leave us a message below.

250 ton ladle cranes

Used for hot ladle handling in steel mills, furnaces and foundries, the 250 Ton Ladle Crane is a heavy duty bridge crane with a custom and machined ladle crane design and process lift for increased work efficiency and superior safety and reliability.

What is casting crane?

The 250ton casting crane generally adopts the structure of four beams and two trolleys. The main trolley is equipped with a ladle hook for lifting and transporting the ladle, and the auxiliary trolley is used for auxiliary work such as turning the ladle. Due to the high temperature and dusty environment, electrical appliances with heat insulation and cooling devices are installed inside the main beam, so that the casting crane can work continuously for 20-24 hours under harsh conditions.

ladle cran handling molten steel

Ladle crane,casting crane

Ladle cranes are mainly used for lifting, moving, pouring and other operations of ladle in steelmaking workshops. Compared with traditional metallurgical casting cranes, intelligent casting cranes can realize intelligent control, automatic cruise, ultra-precise positioning, electrical Anti-sway, intelligent diagnosis, remote monitoring and other functions have reached the world's leading level of intelligent metallurgical casting crane.

control room of ladle crane

Competitive ladle cranes

The intelligent ladle crane has advanced sensing technology, wireless communication technology, transmission technology, PLC processing technology and the deep integration of the Internet of Things and Internet technology, instead of manual operation, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of the ladle crane, reduces the The labor intensity of the operator improves the stability and production efficiency of the ladle crane.

competitive ladle cranes

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